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Custom Cut Division


London Meat Company is the premiere meat supplier in the Mid-Atlantic region including: all of NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, N. Shore of LI and NJ including Atlantic City.

London Meat Company has earned a legendary reputation as the purveyor of America's best beef to the nation's finest restaurants.

Today, we are not only one of the country's largest suppliers of USDA Prime beef, we are also America's source for the finest gourmet dining at home.

Top Ten good reasons for using portion control steaks:

Cost Control

The exact cost per portion is known cost control on every serving.

Trim and Waste Control

Every ounce of meat purchased can be served. No trimming or butcher operations necessary..

Cooking Time Control

Made Simple because all steaks are similar shape, and portion size and weight make cooked temperature control easy.

Labor Control

Little labor is required. Only the cooking preparation is needed..

Customer Complaints Control

Due to uneven portions they are all uniform in appearance. All the Steaks are from the same quality beef..

Sanitation Control

There is no mess from butchering.

Spoilage and Leftovers Control

Portion Steaks taken right from refrigeration as needed. Steaks are individually vacuum packaged and protected..

Inventory Control

The exact count of steaks is easily controlled by piece packaging. Shrinkage is controlled by quick and easy inventory checks..

Time Management Control

Eliminating the time and concern in one area of the operation. The time can be spent enhancing other areas of the operation. Creating plate presentation and value added dishes.

Risk Control

Less accidents from sharp knives and table saws in the back room operation..

London Meat Company

Since 1968, the London Meat Company has been setting the standards for the finest quality meats..

Our hand-selected, fresh beef and chicken have earned an incomparable reputation for exceptional flavor, tenderness and juiciness.

Our products are the number-one choice for local eateries and fine dining restaurants around the country.

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Telephone: 212 255 2135
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