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London Meats Natural Black Angus Beef

is the first natural beef program that marries high quality, guaranteed tender Black Angus Beef with No-Hormones, No-Antibiotics program. All London Meats Beef is raised on a 100% vegetarian diet with absolutely no animal by products..


- USDA Certified
- No added Hormones
- No antibiotics
- Guaranteed Tender
- Raised on a 100% vegetarian Diet
- Minimally Processed.

Murray's All Natural Free Roaming Chicken

From birth in the scenic Amish countryside, Murray's All Natural Chickens are raised without use of any antibiotics, growth stimulants, pesticides, and hormones.

The chickens are raised over eight weeks in a natural environment that allows our chickens to roam freely in wide open spaces.

Other Products

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London Meat Company

Since 1968, the London Meat Company has been setting the standards for the finest quality meats..

Our hand-selected, fresh beef and chicken have earned an incomparable reputation for exceptional flavor, tenderness and juiciness.

Our products are the number-one choice for local eateries and fine dining restaurants around the country.

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Telephone: 212 255 2135
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